LED Magnifiers


2X Pocket Magnifier2X Pocket Magnifier3X/6X “Restaurant” Magnifier.  These are the coolest!  Super bright LED light in a pocket magnifier.  The large lens is 3x and for super small stuff the round lens is 6x magnification. Includes a sleeve to carry in the pocket or purse.   When the waiter seats you in a dark corner, hands you the menu and asks for your order, just pull this out and everything is bright and clear!  No more surprises when the bill arrives.  “That steak was how much?!”  Takes up hardly any space and is so easy to carry, that you’ll forget it is with you.  Get yours now while this low price in in effect!   3X/6X “Restaurant” Magnifier   $10.00

3x HalfOpen Mag x600

3X Folding Magnifier. Th 3x Folder is one of our most popular magnifiers.  It is easy to use and focus, the rectangular lens provides more left to right coverage than a traditional round lens, particularly when reading.  And the folding handle makes it one of the best traveling mags that we have.  A natural for use with our soft pocket cases.

3X LED Folding Magnifier  $16.00

Bar Magnifiers, 8" and 6"6″ Bar Magnifiers.   This is a great magnifier for reading and is rated at 2 power. The 6” bar magnifier is good for paperbacks and books. The 6” magnifier has a yellow highlighter that lets you keep track of the line you are reading.  

6” Bar Magnifier $6.00  

8 In Resturant Magnifier8″ Bar Magnifier. This is a great magnifier for reading and is rated at 2 power. The 8” bar magnifier has both inch and metric markings and an easy to use handle

  8” Bar Magnifier   $8.00

30x 30x Led Magnifier Open x600LED Pocket Magnifier.  High power magnifier, to use for jewelry, stamps, coins, rocks, etc.  Small and easy to carry, can be taken anywhere!  Take it to the coin show to help verify grading.  Check your rings to see if the prongs are still in good condition.

30x Magnifier   $15.00

60x Led Magnifier Open x60060x LED Pocket Magnifier.  As above, but a bit larger and includes a 60 power lens for super high magnification.  Also has an UV light for currency checking and a fob for carrying.

30x/60x LED Pocket Magnifier   $20.00

Booklight 1 x500 Clip on LED Reading Light.  Very handy for reading in bed and not disturbing your partner.  Bright LED is focused to cover the book page and can be adjusted with the flexible neck.  Takes 2 AAA batteries.  No choice of colors.

Clip on LED Reading Light   $12.00

7x LED Magnifier

7x LED Magnifier.  This little gem of a handheld magnifier has bright LED lighting and a very powerful 7x lens. Good for stamp and coin collectors, jewelry and rock hounds. Superb for seeing splinters! Coverage is a bit small for reading. Needs to be held close to object being viewed.

7x LED Magnifier     $13.00

5x LED Magnifier

5x LED Magnifier  Larger coverage than 7x, can be used for reading and more.  Can hold farther away than 7x, but not too far.

5x LED Magnifier    $14.00

4x LED Magnifier

4x LED Magnifier    Very good all around magnifier.  Good for use on maps, books and general use.  Has larger diameter lens and covers a bigger view area than the higher power lenses.  Hold 2-3 inches away.  If you need just one, this could be your best bet.

4X LED Magnifier     $15.00

Magnifier CasesMagnifier/Glasses Case.  We have a selection of hand-sewn cases that are perfect for carrying glasses or magnifiers.  It’s easy to protect and carry your favorite magnifier while you carry it in your pocket, purse or glove box.  We have a limited selection, mostly assorted southwest designs or patterns, but cannot guarantee which you will receive.  Soft pocket for your magnifier.

Magnifier/glasses case  $5.00 w/ magnifier order $7.00 by itself.


*Please note: all products are in low supply.  Please order promptly to insure availability.  






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