Restaurant Magnifier Makes Menu’s POP

Pocket MagnifierIt seems that more and more restaurants these days have menus that have very tiny writing and for those of us that are over 40 this can be a problem, especially when we need to see the details of the main item. And it can be a pain to pull out your readers and see these items and if there is low light your readers are no longer helpful.

This is where the 3X Restaurant Magnifier comes in! This small portable magnifier with an LED light is perfect for reading menus of any size without regard for the ambient light. The small sized makes it perfect for pockets and purses and it comes with a protective case that will help to keep it scratch free for years.

The versatility of this magnifier is amazing, it not only has a large reading area, but it has an additional magnifier that will let you zoom in on details you want to focus on. It is well made and designed to last for years. So if you are looking for a simple, easy way to read menus, pill bottles, or just get a better look at tiny items this is the magnifier for you. Click to order your 3x/6x Restaurant Magnifier today!