Restaurant Menu Dilema

These days I have trouble seeing small print when the lighting is dim. I know that I am like most people over 45 and my reading eye sight is not so good especially in low light. But I am not ready for "readers" and I have not jumped on the Lasik band wagon, yet I still need to see the menu in my favorite romantic restaurant. 

So what is my solution? The restaurant magnifier from, this pocket sized, LED lighted magnifier helps me to see the small print on the menu without pulling out my phone and blinding everyone around me. Or asking my wife to read the menu to me AGAIN! 

This compact magnifier is perfect, discrete and fits in a shirt, coat or other pocket with ease.

If you are getting up there in age and want a solution for those every more common reading situations, check out the restaurant magnifier from The price is right, the quality is top notch and you can order online with our secure shopping cart.

Don't wait any longer and order today.

3X6XLEDRM  3X6XLEDRM case  3X6XLEDRM battery   
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Magnifiers are great for all ages! No matter if you are young and love to use magnifiers to play with or look at a whole new world, or if you are older and need the extra help in reading a menu or a map. Magnifiers from are top quality and have exceptional glass in the units.


 Sherlock Holmes Magnifier 3X6XLEDRM battery 
3x6xled wallet a 6x bifocal 300 
5x LED Magnifier 
CV2020  CV2520 

sherlock holmes mag silouetteImagine, you are in search of that missing treasure. But you can't find it becuse the clues are just to small for you to see with the naked eye. 

Now you can be like the great Sherlock Holmes and use this magnificient large magnifying class the same way he did to unlock mysteries in the good old days.

You may not be finding the clues of crimes or searching out the elusive piece of evidence but your quest is every bit as important to you and if you have the right tools at your disposal your chances of success are greatly increased. 

Sherlock Holmes Magnifier

And unlike the magnifier that Mr. Holmes uses, this one comes with its very own LED Light that is easy to use and very bright. 

So DON'T delay! order your very own Sherlock Holmes style magnifier today and get a clearer picture of what you are looking at or looking for. has these wonderfully made high quality large format magnifiers in stock and ready to ship. We are here to help and answer any questions you may have about our complete line of LED magnifiers. 

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